Bob's Tgirls

Miranda Bouvier is the Naughty Teacher

  • August 14, 2011

There’s nothing like shooting a hardcore scene of people who are really into each other as opposed to putting random people together and telling them to go at it. I don’t shoot many sex scenes, but I love shooting ones like this.

Miranda asked me to shoot a scene with her and her boyfriend. We decoded on the classic naughty student, naughtier teacher motif and had fun with it. Those two love hard fucking, I can tell you that. I put in a few pics below. You can see the rest of the pics and video clips of the scene on Bob’s Tgirls. If you are not a member and prefer to purchase downloadable clips, you can get the entire 38 minute scene in Hi Def or a smaller mp4 version (ideal for portable devices like iPods, iPhones, Android phones, etc.) at my online store: Tgirlmall.

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