Bob's Tgirls

New model Jaquelin Braxton

  • March 20, 2012

I recently shot a first time model: Jaquelin Braxton. Although Jaquelin was a little nervous initially (as novice models usually are) she was really in the spirit of modeling and was enjoying the experience. Feeling her good vibes got me more into too.

As you probably know, I spent years photographing models in my home, which doubled as my studio. It was a great way to go, but I was always looking out for other options. That came about last May. So now that I am doing most of my shooting in a real studio, the models and I can have more fun and get more creative. Of course it’s always nice to see a pretty girl in a normal setting like a bedroom or living room. But now I get to mix the more typical content with sets like this one. Of course having a studio like this costs a good bit of money which is why most of the other photographers (in this genre) don’t.

I sincerely hope my members are enjoying what I’m doing these days. I also have a new camera on order. I can’t wait for that to arrive, so I can get even more creative and provide my members with even better photography. Stay tuned for that. But for now here are some photos from Jaquelin’s first set that went online on Bob’s Tgirls this week.

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