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Uncle Bob Needs YOU!!!

  • March 6, 2015

Hello fans and friends. I need your help. I’m talking about supporting the artists who create what you enjoy, whether it be photography, music, porn, etc.

With all the internet piracy going on (tube / torrent sites and the like), many of the fans (some of you who are reading this) have come to expect all their online / digital entertainment for free. That business model will fail of course. What many seem to not realize is that a photographer like myself has to pay every model, for every shoot. I have to pay monthly fees for my server and associated services that go with it. I have to purchase and maintain equipment in order to create the content I provide. There are other costs as well. Although I enjoy what I do, this is a business.

I have around 11,000 followers on twitter and others on fetlife, facebook … Yet in recent times, I have not been able to maintain enough membership to cover the costs. This means that without YOUR support, I will have to move on to something else and the Bob’s Tgirls photography and videos you’ve enjoyed for so many years will be no more.

If each of my fans on the social networks had a membership for three months out of the year, that would be sufficient. That amounts to a night out drinking.

To all my loyal members, I thank you for your continued support. For the others, who possibly never thought about what I said above, I ask you to please support the cause now and JOIN Bob’s Tgirls. Thank you all


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